Oonagh Corr

Oonagh's winged sculptures are an intriguing mixture of curiosity and quirkiness. Created using wire, their form is given added definition by the application of paper. The inspiration for these pieces has come from the lightness and translucent qualities of the paper, together with the observation of the posture and expression of the subject matter, giving each piece character.



Anthony Blakeney

Anthony started his working life as an apprentice engineer, making Cheiftan tanks and fox armoured cars. Disillusioned With the prospect of being on the shop floor of a factory for eternity, he studied furniture design at the Jacob Kramer art college in Leeds.It was there he engaged in other art and craft activities, and found a love of hand engraving, which finally led him to making jewelery, under the tutorlidge of Ed and Anne O'Donnell. he has been a self employed designer - maker since 1986, and has produced work which has sold in Selfridges, House of Fraser and over 50 Galleries across the U.K. Anthony's work can best be described as minimalist.

Emma Dolan

Emma uses an eclectic recipe of 20thC design classics, prestigious traditional fabrics and playful nostalgia to produce a range of unique hand crafted teacups and saucers. The treasured and discarded pieces of domestic design  Emma surrounds herself with in her studio and her home provide the inspiration for her work.

Kathryn Welford

Kathryn Welford

Kathryn is a visual artist and uses a range of media, including paint, drawings, collages.  Rooted in observation and figurative representation, her work suggests landscapes and scenes which have an ambiguous narrative and don't quite make sense.  Inspired by images found in old books, postcards, packaging, illustration , she 'quotes' from these second-hand sources to create new stories and hopefully trigger familiar associations with the viewer.  Her work combines both painterly and graphic, precise and gestural qualities. Kathryn also paints and draws portraits in a variety of media.  Her portraits of children capture them and their world at a specific time, and can include children's own drawings and mark-making in a portrait which references their favourite toys, familiar clothes and storybooks in a semi-abstract design.  Kathryn can do portrait commissions on request.

contact: kathryn.welford@gmail.com

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